Inground and Above-Ground Pool Openings

At Baker Pool & Fitness, we open pools on a ala-cart basis. Have us do the complete opening from top to bottom or just get the filter system up and running. You choose how much you want us to do. If you would like us to open your pool for you, please give us a call. Schedule your opening soon as the schedule fills up fast.

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Pool Spring Opening Steps

  1. Drain excess water from top of the pool’s winter cover before removing it. Use a submersible pump or siphon to remove water from the top of the pool’s winter cover.
  2. Remove winter cover while being careful not to let any debris into the pool.
  3. Aboveground pools Connect filter system to the inwall skimmer and water return fittings.
  4. Inground Pools remove all plugs from return fittings and skimmers. Install directional eyeballs into returns and baskets into skimmers
  5. Heaters replace any removed plugs or pressure switches that were removed for winterization.
  6. Fill the pool with a garden hose half way up the skimmer opening. If you can clearly see the bottom of the pool, move on to the next step. If you cannot clearly see the bottom of the pool, you will need to FLOC the pool to get the debris to settle to the bottom so you can vacuum.
  7. Vacuum the bottom of the pool removing as much debris as possible. Do not use your automatic vacuum for this, it’s only going to stir up your pool and cause more problems.
  8. Run pool filter continuously for 24 hours.
  9. Water Sample-The best thing to do at this point is bring a water sample to us to do a water analysis so we can supply you with a complete report to fix any improper levels. All we need is a small sample of water in a clean container like an old drinking water bottle.
  10. Balance water levels including the pH, alkalinity, and water hardness.

    Frog Mineral System Users follow next two steps. Others skip to step 13


  11. Frog Mineral System– If using the Frog Mineral System, add Frog Wake Up Kit
  12.  Frog Mineral System – Insert new Mineral Reservor and Bac Pac. Frog Mineral System users are done and ready for summer!
  13.  Add Algaecide  as instructed on the label.
  14.  Add Shock add 1 gallon of 12.5% Liquid Chlorine Shock for every 10,000 gallons of pool water you have.
  15.  Run pool filter for 48 hours keeping chlorine levels at least 3ppm.
  16.  Add approved chlorine tablets to your floating chlorine dispenser and let it float in the pool AFTER your pool filter runs for 48 hours. Do not put chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket; the high concentration of chlorine will shorten the life of all of your plastic components, pump seals, and heater components. Adding too much chemical through the skimmer and mixing chemicals can be volatile.
  17.  Pools Open for family and friends to enjoy this summer!


Feel free to reach out to our expert team to inquire more about our pool opening services. You choose how much you want us to do, and we’ll be happy to guide you for your unique setup. We look forward to hearing from you!