In Ground and Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Baker Pool & Fitness carries high quality liners for above ground and in-ground swimming pools that will make your pool sparkle like new. In our decades of research in the industry, we have selected the best pool liners that are available at our huge showroom in Franklin.

If your pool has unique dimensions – no problem! We offer custom designed liners as well. Whether you want to replace the liner yourself, or have us come by and replace it for you, we’ll be able to find exactly what you need. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Above-Ground Liners
  • In-Ground Liners
  • Custom Dimension Liners
  • Liner Accessories
Reach out to us with any pool liner questions!

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Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

At Baker Pool & Fitness, we will replace your pool liner to your exact specifications. For this purpose, we carry Vyn-All above-ground and in-ground pool liners that are made from the highest quality, non-embossed vinyl. Each liner is precisely crafted using the latest computer-aided design technologies, ensuring a perfect fit for any wall height or bead style. And with our 20 year in-ground liner warranty, (5 years full, 15  years pro-rated), 15 year above ground liner warranty (3 years full, 12 years prorated) you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from quality craftsmanship and materials.

Why do we only use non-embossed vinyl?

Embossed vinyl, as shown, varies in thickness. This leads to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely. The illustration shows how embossed vinyl measures the thickness of the material at the highest point of the embossing rather than the valley which is the true thickness of the material. 

At Baker, we avoid using these types of liners. With Vyn-All, all of our above ground liner material is non-embossed which represents the true thickness. No misleading measurements, just top quality pool liners.

Embossed (varies in thickness)

Swimming Pool Liners

Vyn-All Non-Embossed

Swimming Pool Liners

Advantages of a Pool Liner from Baker Pool & Fitness

The Best Grade, 100% Virgin Vinyl – Recycled vinyl can adversely affect a liner’s performance. All VynAll pool liners are crafted from 100% North American sourced virgin vinyl to ensure long-lasting performance and beauty.

The Perfect Fit Every Time – Our computer aided design tools allow us to create an exact fit to any pool shape. And the better a liner fits, the less likely it is to wear unevenly, rip, or otherwise fail.

Superior Durability – We use only non-embossed vinyl for our liners. Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, leading to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely. And that is not an option for a Vyn-All® liner. All Vyn-All® pool liners are also manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. Our liners retain their stability and beauty in conditions ranging from desert-like heat to bone-chilling temperatures of -40°F or more. And they are specially formulated to resist fading from chlorine and the damaging effects of UV rays.

Versatility – Vyn-All liners can be crafted to fit the wall height of any pool. We can also create any bead style for hung liner types.Quality

Craftsmanship – We use high-frequency dielectric RF technology to precisely weld each seam and create a guaranteed watertight seal. And we attach our liner bead to the side wall in one continuous piece to completely seal the top perimeter.

Ultraseam Liner Technology – Our innovative Ultra-Seam® technology elevates our liners to an entirely new category. Our Ultra-Seam® exclusive process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible.

Easy Maintenance – Vyn-All® manufactures its liners for easy care by enhancing its vinyl with products like BIO-PRUF® and All-ClearTM.

BIO-PRUF – Added during the manufacturing of our vinyl material, BIO-PRUF is a fungicide that inhibits the growth of micro organisms like mold and bacteria. It also helps keep our vinyl from shrinking, structural degradation, splitting and pink staining that can sometimes result from microbial attack.

All-Clear – All Clear is a special clear top coat developed by Vyn-All and applied over print patterns. It reduces the adhesion of soil to the liner while protecting the print design against abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure

Worry-Free Warranties – We back up our commitment to quality with the Vyn-All warranty.

Inground liners: 20 year pro-rated warranty (5 years full, 15 years pro-rated)
Aboveground liners: 15 year pro-rated warranty (3 years full, 12 years prorated).


Feel free to reach out to our expert team to inquire more about our pool liners that are available. We also can recommend liner replacement services if you are not comfortable performing the task yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!