Hot Tub Covers for Sale

At Baker Pool & Fitness, we offer replacement hot tub covers that will be sure to stand up to Wisconsin weather. We provide hot tub cover replacements for nearly all brands and models of hot tubs. Since 1968, we have worked with thousands of different styles. We often already have your tub’s dimensions already on file, and can custom-fit to any spa (both new and discontinued models).

Why Is A Hot Tub Cover Important?

Old, water-logged covers are not just heavy. Water stuck in the foam makes it inefficient for heat retention. New, custom-fit hot tub covers reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. Which means you save money on utility bills. Our quality spa covers also protect acrylic surfaces from abrasion, sun damage and debris.

Why Choose Baker Pool for a Spa Cover?

With premium grade vinyl, double-stitched hinges, and commercial grade nylon zippers, you can be sure you are getting the best quality for the best price. Our cover specialists have been with the company over 20 years. So we have seen it all! Have questions about our hot tub covers for sale? Feel free to reach out to our customer service.

Color Options for Hot Tub Covers

We have a wide assortment of replacement colors available. Protect your spa in your style! Many times, the focal point of a backyards is the hot tub. A beautiful new cover can be a quick way to completely update the look of your yard. You can click on the colors individually to get a closer look.


Features and Benefits of Our Hard Hot Tub Covers

Premium Marine Grade Vinyl

Our heavy duty hot tub spa covers are made tough to withstand the harsh wet outdoors. The premium vinyl is cold-crack resistant and inhibits UV rays. It is also treated with anti-microbial, so no mildew buildup.

Commercial Grade Nylon Zippers

Our covers feature the highest quality commercial grade nylon zippers. They won't rust or corrode with the elements. The zipper glides smoothly to make core removal easy.

Durable Double Stitched Hinges

Double stitched hinges give extra strength where it counts. They are reinforced with four thick layers of vinyl, and engineered with cover lifters in mind.

Extended Perimeter Skirt

These skirts are designed to hold in heat, stop water evaporation, and protect the hot tubs acrylic edge. We also can custom fit each unique hot tub.

High Density Taper Foam Core

Our hot tub covers for sale contain a high density taper foam core. The core facilitates water run-off and protects from rain damage. A high R-Value (quality measure of foam) means greater insulation. Comes in multiple thicknesses (4"x2", 5"x3", and 6"x4").

Strong Padded Handles

Padded handles provide an extra level of durability and comfort. They are also reinforced at key stress points. So no need to worry about ripping handles while lifting.

Steel Spine

The foam cores are strengthened across the width with 20 gauge galvanized C-Channels. This prevents sagging or caving under heavy loads of snow.

Key Locking Fastener

Our hot tub covers come with a lock and key to offers an extra measure of security for your spa. Safely keep out children and others you may not wandering in.

Quality Controlled

Every stitch, every thread, and every seam is triple-inspected. This is to ensure long-lasting performance. When you are shopping hot tub covers with us, you can rest assured that the quality is unmatched.

Meets ATSM Standards

ATSM Standard F-1346 requires that pools and hot tubs are to be covered with adequate covers for safety reasons. All the hot tub covers we sell meet these legal requirements.

Super-Thick Moisture Barrier

Water logging is the enemy of hot tubs covers. It makes the cover inefficient and heavy. We prevent this by tightly wrapping the cores with 4-mil thick polyethylene to lock out moisture. Extra wide 1/4" seams are heat-sealed for durability and to resist splitting.

Customized to YOUR Hot Tub

Our experienced designers can tailor perfect fitting covers to your exact specifications. We can fit any hot tub on the market, even discontinued models.

How To Take Proper Care and Extend The Life Of Your Hot Tub Cover?

At Baker Pool, we provide care products and repair services that will increase the life of your cover. But some of the best things you can do to for your cover include the following:

  • Handle your cover gently. While our cover material is high quality and, that doesn’t mean it is invincible. The vinyl exterior and foam core interior can both be damaged. So handle with care. Keep your cover away from jagged edges. Never drag it on the ground. 
  • Keep the cover clear from snow, ice, debris, and rain (if possible). The extra weight of debris that builds up can cause the center to sag. This can result in a broken seal. So your perfect-fitting cover will no longer be perfect-fitting.
  • We recommend that you remove your cover for an hour or so every week. This allows the moisture and chemicals to dissipate.
  • Clean your cover both inside and out. You can specifically formulated for cover cleaner, but any vinyl cleaner or soap and water works.
  • For safety, do not allow children, pets, or guests to sit on the top of a covered hot tub. This weight can damage the vinyl or cause the foam interior to bend and warp.


When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Cover?

One question we are always asked – “How do I know when to replace my cover?” Even if you have properly cared for your cover, they all need to be replaced at some point. There are a couple things to look for:

  • Is your cover heavy and hard to remove? That’s a good sign your cover is water logged and should be replaced. Overtime, moisture and chemical clouds can seep into your cover. Once the foam is logged with water, energy efficiency is greatly reduced.
  • Is your cover torn, ripped, or non-fitting? That’s another sign. Rips and open spaces allow heat to escape and reduce energy efficiency, which increases your heating bills!
  • Is your cover sagging in the center? This usually represents water logging. A cover that sags is no longer sealed properly. 
  • Does your cover smell musty? Mildew and mold love warm, damp places. While your chemicals should kill these invaders on the inside, your cover can still be vulnerable. Our covers are treated with mildew protection to extend the life of each cover.

If you are not sure whether or not you need a new cover, feel free to reach out. You can email us photos of your concerns. Our specialists will happily look over the problem, and let you know the best course of action.